Perkins 359_537 Набор поршневых колец--> Плитка--> Виниловая плитка IVC (ИВС) Ultimo Dry Back Marsh wood 22852 1320x196x2.5 Клеевая

Виниловая плитка IVC (ИВС) Ultimo Dry Back Marsh wood 22852 1320x196x2.5 Клеевая

Виниловая плитка IVC (ИВС) Ultimo Dry Back Marsh wood 22852 1320x196x2.5 Клеевая

Виниловый ламинат IVC (ИВС) Ultimo Dry Back Marsh wood 22852 1320x196x2.5 мм довольно легко монтируется с помощью клея, она не требует особенного ухода, и вы можете создавать разнообразные цветовые комбинации на свой вкус. также…


Joint Advance

IVC Moduleo Promo Click Plank Warm Spice 28422 **Due to pricing restrictions from 5 manufacturer, we are not allowed to display our low pricing on the website. To try and discourage online shopping, most manufacturers are establishing MIP (Minimum Internet Pricing) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) restrictions.

Виниловая плитка 5 (ИВС) Ultimo Dry Back Marsh wood 22852 1320x196x2.5 Клеевая. Divino Dry Back Major Oak 53967 1320x196x2.5 Клеевая.

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For more information about 5 release engineering process, please see the section of the web site.
General discussions about the pending release and known issues should be sent to the public mailing list.
Schedule Action Expected Actual Description Initial release schedule announcement - 5 June 2012 Release Engineers send announcement email to developers with a rough schedule.
Certain blanket approvals will be granted for narrow areas of development, documentation improvements, etc.
BETA1 6 July 2012 15 July 2012 5 beta test snapshot.
RC1 20 July 2012 23 August 2012 First release candidate.
RC2 7 September 2012 9 October 2012 Second release candidate.
RC3 17 October 2012 3 November 2012 Third release candidate.
RELEASE announcement 12 November 2012 31 December 2012 9.

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