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Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

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Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

тестер;женский;семейство: цветочные фруктовые;базовые ноты: стиракс, светлая древесина, мускус, пачули;средние ноты: шиповник, роза, жасмин, персик, петалия


Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue REVIEW with Stephanie vs Bleu de Chanel/Dior Sauvage + DRAW (CLOSED) Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Perfume by Versace, Versace Pour Femme Dylan is a floral-fruity-woody fragrance for the woman who isn’t afraid to show off her sultry feminine side. elegant scent is the creation of the nose of Calice Becker and first met the world in 2017.

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Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

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Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

вода за жени парфюмна вода | и още 3000 продукта с отстъпка до 70% и експресна доставка.
"Dylan pour Femme is a tribute to femininity.

Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

It is a strong, sensuous, fragrance created for a woman who knows the power of her sensuality and mind."—Donatella Versace This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

This is a perfume review over newly released, Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme! I Hope you enjoy this video and give me thumbs up!!!!

Versace Versace pour Femme Dylan Blue 100 мл

Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette is a popular perfume by for men and was released in.
The scent is fresh-aquatic.
It is being marketed by EuroItalia.
Top Notes Calabrian bergamot, Grapefruit, Fig leaf, Aquatic notes Heart Notes Violet leaf, Black pepper, Papyrus wood, Ambrox, Patchouli Base Notes Mineral musk, Tonka bean, Saffron, Frankincense Interesting Facts The face of the advertising campaign is model Trevor Signorino, photographed by Bruce Weber.
Versace Dylan Blue has been in my possession for quite some time, but I always suffered from a certain dilemma: The fragrance is such a good all-rounder that there is hardly an opportunity where it fits 100%.
No problem in spring, fresh in summer, great in autumn, and even suitable for winter.
In addition, it is completely independent of the time of day and the occasion.
Office, party, restaurant, everything is possible with the water.
But if you are in the lucky situation of having several fragrances, you will almost always find one that is better tailored to the situation.
So turned out that I always loved to smell the scent, but in the bottle it didn't get less.
Dylan Blue's big appearance followed a few weeks ago, when my boss and I had взято отсюда go to meetings in foreign companies relatively often, often with members of all levels of the company hierarchy from CEO to facility manager.
The other sticking point at these meetings was that they were not negotiations, but almost friendly votes here the togetherness.
In many meetings the point is to show dominance here the oppositionor possibly even to intimidate the opponent s slightly.
Here completely differently: One wants to remain in the memory at the most positive and fragrant by its smell, not as hard-core, eccentric or frightening.
In addition it is to be noted that one is with superiors on the way, opposite one does not have to try convulsively to steal them also due to smell the show.
Now the perfect occasion has been found for Dylan Blue, and the bottle empties itself well-behaved.
I would like to warmly recommend it to all those who either want to own only one or a few fragrances, don't want to burn their purse through, or don't feel the urge to smell especially special.
As a similar alternative, Dior Sauvage EdT, the personal preference test her best even in direct comparison from : i tried the scent based on a recommendation bought it immediately.
Find the fragrance absolutely great.
Super summery, fresh and yet a bit different than any x shower gel fragrance.
I don't think there's much you can do wrong with the scent.
I've already received some compliments, an absolute no-brainer On recommendation of Jeremy Fragrance I bought the Versace Dylan Blue "blind".
After spraying on my neck I thought to myself: hm, how is everything supposed to be?
Somehow boring, this fragrance smells like a fresh shower and very much like a citrus fruit.
If it smells like a fresh shower then I don't need a scent, then showering is enough, I thought, but after about 1 hour I get the really seductive scent which I can never get enough of.
This slightly sweet note comes into the foreground, the citric note goes into the background, but is still clearly perceptible.
This fine sweetish note no idea whether incense, musk, saffron or the combination of all 3 fragrances is, something smells very good and extremely good, so good that it already seduces women and I am addicted to this fragrance.
This fragrance also makes you look better groomed and cleaner.
Every time I perceive this light sweetness, I feel fine.
So the horniest fragrance I know so far.
The projection of this fragrance is above average for a fresh fragrance.
The shelf life on my skin is loosely 6 hours, also for this of me a good evaluation.
All in one a top fragrance for any occasion applicable no matter what season with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
Thanks to you Jeremy if you read this I have found this great fragrance thanks to you, I celebrate you fully, I don't care what others here write about you for me you have great taste as for fragrances.
The best shower gell fragnance on the market.
If you like Blue de chanel, dior sauvage or aqua di gio prufomo and want more uniqueness while smelling like a bith of those at the same time get this.
This is the best parts from both fragnances done up in a classier bottle and at a fair price.
I have quickly put this fragnance at the top of my all year all around ultra versatile masculine fragnances.
Because it is easy to use for all ocassions.
It is amazing, I love it nd it gives me confidence.
This is a perfect signature scent and you can not go wrong with this scent.
If I only could keep 1 cologne out of my small collection this would be it.
This fragrance reminds me of this when you take John Varvatos' 2004 John Varvatos, a complex, much-described John Varvatos, and it in a cocktail shaker with "aquatic" notes.
It has the light opening of your standard aquatic animals, but this fig note - which reminds me узнать больше the Medjool date note by John Varvatos - gives it a thick, sweet undercurrent.
With a heavy, woody frankincense sweetness on one side and light aquatic notes on the other, the fragrance doesn't mix so much because it feels like two different fragrances are layered on top of each other.
It's not bad, but it smells что MECA-FILTER ELH4149 elh4149_фильтр масляный mb w201w124w126 1.8-3.0 82-95 скажу little outdated.
You read that a lot around here.
The similarities in this 'description' to Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage can be recognized, but are still something completely independent, I think.
I'm going to stand a little alone with this, but my head won't accept it.
That's a little exaggerated, of course, but that's the way I feel about it.
Like the other 2 fragrances mentioned above, Dylan Blue is also very mass appealing and you might think you've smelled it somewhere before.
However, after a mature test, but also since the first test, I notice that our scent here from Versace more.
It is louder and more conspicuous by the ambroxan, the slightly peppery note and the subliminal incense simply make it in my eyes something special, probably more than it is.
This is accompanied by the freshness of the aquatic notes and the bergamot.
This reads a bit like a mash-up of everything that has worked before, and yet it is something new and good for me, because what should be wrong with holding on to something good and developing it further?
I have received good feedback for this fragrance throughout and probably like it, but not exclusively because of it.
You could call it a day-one fragrance, because I liked it from the first sniff and it convinced me.
But as I said, in my eyes he was and is more than just the next in the line of shower fragrances.
A few years ago I bought this one in passing at the turquoise D.
Dran sniffed it, found it good and took it with me.
It was my everyday fragrance for the office, at least in the warm months.
Both refreshing, and somehow exhilarating, I liked to have that on me for quite a while.
But at some point I missed a certain depth in the freshness, sometimes this "high" freshness almost caused headaches in me.
At that time I didn't know parfumo.
I haven't actually missed him since.
What I больше на странице The "atomizer" did not atomize, but almost spit out a jet, so that you had to aim quite well in the morning :- I already liked the ladies version - but also the homme meets my taste.
Wear my husband scents, I would like to hear this friendly turned towards scent at him.
But fortunately, in my "Herrenkränzchen" there are many grateful scent consumers.
Despite his uncomplicated appearance Dylan is quite multi-faceted.
The start is fresh and aquatic - lightly with pepper and patch.
The Veichen leaf gives depth - but is not bitter.
Saffron is a noble addition, but the fragrance remains casual thanks to soft Tonka.
The frankincense finish is even a little mysterious.
A good gift scent that neither tickles nor bores.
I think it fits best to my brother-in-law - who is rational as an engineer - and emotional as a hobby artist - creative.
Because Dylan manages this balancing act between ratio and feeling easily.
A real Crowed Pleaser.
I had already decided in the summer for the Dylan Blue only I didn't get to describe it yet.
At that time he was always my choice between the ADG Profumo.
I like fragrances that are different from many нажмите для деталей and independent.
Had preferred the ADG but noticed me the Dylan until I got him too.
So that's the story of the acquisition ; Now for the fragrance itself.
He smells sticking out.
Start a little citrical.
One recognizes very well the grapefruit and bergamot.
But smell directly some patchouli which together makes a nice fresh one.
A little pepper unfortunately a little too little for my taste is added at the end with plenty of musk.
Therefore it smells a bit warmer but does not leave the fresh one at all.
A great fragrance for everyday life.
For sports, for going out in the evening or in the office as well as in summer and winter.
The scent lasts about 6 hours, after which it softly disappears but only after 10 hours is it almost completely gone.
A little tip for celebrating in the evening: overdose a little bit.
One falls then well on works however in no way disturbing.
My friends take it was good and I have already received many compliments on it.
They didn't ask what the fragrance was but a "you smell good" always came.
The bottle looks great.
Deep blue and gold.
The company logo in the middle with the Medusa head stands out.
The fragrance may resemble some BDC and Sauvage.
However, they differ greatly from each other and I find him unique on his own.
Above all Ü20 and experienced men will feel addressed here.
As a fragrance clone not at all, but if you like BDC and Sauvage you'll like it too.
To my nose I like the scent is more pleasing than Dior Sauvage.
It is versatile but to me is more of a spring and summer scent.
The gold on the bottle already indicates that you can expect more than just freshness, e.
All created by Alberto Morillas, an experienced perfumer of undignified rank.
I also like to smell simple Versace pour Homme despite its rather low complexity.
And then there is Bleu de Chanel, one of my "favourite scents of always going", to which Dylan Blue is so often compared here.
However, I can only partially understand this comparison.
Except that both EDTs go in the same rough direction, they are very different in my nose.
But if I remember Dior's Sauvage correctly I only tested it myselfI would draw much more взято отсюда />This is mainly due to a special fragrance that I cannot specify in more detail.
But a note that didn't bother me so much about Sauvage that I decided against buying it.
Could be something resinous or oceanic, I don't know exactly.
Despite its excellent shelf life and good silage, the salty taste of Dylan Blue is also a "thorn in my olfactory organ", so to speak, after about half an hour.
Salt excretes my skin when sweating enough!
One of the comments below explains the meaning of the name.
Instead of, as suspected, having an 80s rebel in front of him, the title aptly describes the olfactory impression of Versaces Blaumann.
It is this view, perhaps the first one you enjoy when you travelled to Italy by car.
The eyes wander across the blue sea and maybe, as long as one has enjoyed the luxury of the air conditioning, one smells in these moments for the first time the arrival in the holiday.
Salty, warm smell of the water, carried by all kinds of spicy plants of the environment.
A feeling of arrival, of letting go of everyday life and ready for a few beautiful days in the distance.
That's the feeling Dylan Blue manages to awaken in me.
A comforting intimacy, wrapped in a warm, spicy, but quite blue scent, which doesn't touch me anywhere.
So no rebel, rather an Italo cuddly singer who, like him, can already generate wanderlust with his melody.
Dylan Blue is universally wearable for me, during the day as well as in the evening.
I see its strength, however, rather in the evening hours, with a glass of wine or beer.
A drop of bitterness should be mentioned at the end: similar to the most beautiful holiday, this Versace does not last forever, on my skin at least, the sea is only present for a few hours I recently got a sample of this fragrance as a gift because people keep finding out that I'm interested in perfumes and they want to give me a treat.
So it's a misconception that I like perfumes, or even collect them.
I think I'm pretty alone here with it, I don't collect, I only have a few scents which I also use and consume daily.
I chase after the few scents that fascinate, captivate, move, or inspire me, the rest are different levels of unpleasantness.
Dylan Blue is very unpleasant for me, because he didn't even make it onto the floor mats in my car.
This should not be an arrogant saying, but I do it with samples I get from acquaintances not to throw them away.
So I take it as an air freshener in the car and have a useful use for it.
Fragrances like this embody for me the epitome of drugstore perfume, bad shower gel and deodorant.
Any, aiming at turnover for as broad a mass as possible.
That is also perfectly legitimate, because jobs depend on it, but so I too must be allowed to find it not good, even unpleasant.
Dylan Blue is a hybrid of Cool Water and Sauvage and similar chart guides like Bleu de Chanel and Co.
I can't do anything with it, I don't want to smell it, but at the same time I respect that it is a masterpiece for others I thought about blind buying this fragrance from the reviews on YouTube but since I didn't want to spend too much on fragrances at the time, I decided to wait on it.
It was spring so I had to get a "must have" so I went for a 10ml decant of this fragrance.
From the very first sniff, I didn't feel anything great about it.
But the worse part is, it didn't even get me good compliment.
I wore it on the day of work and my coworker came to me and said "What's that Justin Beiber cologne that you have on?
He was a male co-worker so I didn't take his words seriously.
I am still testing it out in public and around ladies and still haven't received any compliment as per people say.
The only goal of this fragrance is to get compliments cause it is not something that'd stick in your memory or anyone's in that case, that generic.
I can't imagine a guy any older than 22 years old pulling this off cause it smells like a teenager hence, the Justin Beiber comment.
Won't recommend for people older than 22 but younger crowd, give it a sniff before committing to it.
Don't blind buy it, buy a decant first and test it out.
It вот ссылка me more than a year to buy Dylan Blue.
I am neither enthusiastic about Bleu de Chanel nor about Dior Sauvage.
The Dylan Blue reviews I read and listened, always mentioned this fragrance to be half way between the Chanel and the Dior fragrances.
So, I was not really eager to this Versace Dylan encounter.
As I have hundreds of cologne bottles and, among them, all the other Versace's for men, it looked kind of strange not to have Dylan Blue.
So I bought it last week just to fill a space in my drawer.
My assumptions could not be more wrong.
перейти на страницу is a very good fragrance.
The ambroxan, the citrus notes, the patchouli, the musk, in fact all the notes are top quality and are magnifically blended.
Needless to say that I do prefer Dylan Blue to Sauvage and Bleu.
Perfect for all the seasons, day and night and all the situations.
Performance is above average for this type of notes.
The bottle is gorgeous, just a tiny bit not as beautiful as some Bvlgari bottles.
Let's see the math for Dylan Blue: - Scent opening: 8.
But it's in my 50 for sure Will I buy it again?
Is there a similar freshy fragrance I like as much as Dylan Blue?
Yes, it's Bogart Pure I know the quality is inferior but I love it Will I recommend it?
People who like to concentrate just in a few bottles do need to buy Dylan Blue due to its universal versatility together with all the other qualities!
Let's start off by saying that this is not a terrible fragrance - but It's not a great fragrance either.
By today's standards, it's actually пишите, Стойка амортизационная передняя газовая excel-g Kyb 334807 замечательный very average one.
I would go so far as to say that by 2018, it's probably one that most people EXPECT.
Back in the 90s and even into the late 2000s, people expected ADG.
They expected fresh, and to some extent, most people still do.
But fresh has become boring, so we add a little playful fruitiness here, a little elegant tonka bean there and perhaps even a little formal pepperiness or incense, and we end up with nearly every popular designer release today.
It's that sweet spot that plays with the average consumer's freshie expectations, but not enough to make them turn away from fear of non-conformity.
What a beautiful game.
The problem with Dylan Blue, is that it doesn't do it right.
The familiar "shower gel" vibe is there with the grapefruit, sweetness and aquatic notes, but there is a heady fruitiness right from the very beginning that absolutely KILLS it.
To me, the smell is reminiscent of overripe robotic fruit swimming in a pool of spicy chemicals.
It's almost certainly caused by the mixing of fig, ambrox, mineral musk, and all of the spicy notes, giving the fragrance a rather metallic and grungy syntheticness that's overbearing on my skin.
And for the very decent amount of time that it lasts, I really couldn't stand it.
Imagine that some guy named Dylan was carrying bottles of Sauvage, Bleu de Chanel, Invictus Aqua, Versace PH and Ferrari's Fig in his arms, tripped, and smashed all of the bottles on the floor.
As he slipped and fell, bashing his nose against the floor, this is likely what he smelled - the ambrox of Sauvage, the incensy citrus of BDC and the weird fruitiness of the rest.
He sure blew it.
But look, that doesn't mean it's ALL bad.
After a solid 8 days of testing, a few people around me actually liked it and the longevity and sillage were above average for a quasi-freshie.
And truth be told, for a long time, I was actually considering getting a bottle myself due to the abundance of "compliment-getting" reviews out there not to mention the very decent price.
But of course, it's unwise to believe everything you hear, and following my own testing, I'm happy to say that there are just SOOO many better options out there in the same genre - ADG Profumo, BDC EdP, Aqva Atlantique and even Luna Rossa Carbon to name a few though LRC is not exactly known for its stellar performance.
My advice - spend the extra money and get something better or more unique.
After all, it's not worth owning a fragrance that embodies the very definition of "forgettable" when there are so many others that can help you stand out.
But I urge you to sample it first for yourself if you can before coming to the same conclusion.
You might remember me.
The name's Blue -- Dylan Blue.
You picked me up when you were feeling giddy and probably after a paycheck.
You listened to your friends or believed the hype on the interwebs.
Maybe you even sampled me and I was the perfect olfactory companion while you were in the store.
I was rich; I was oriental; I spoke low and soft and with power and mystery.
I didn't pressure you too much and I didn't smell like the barnyard.
However, by the time you got home, I had retreated to a few follicles on your arm and smelled perfectly ordinary.
You felt ripped off.
So you tried me again and again and again, but I was always the same.
You know what they say about the scorpion and the toad, right?
It's my nature, and so you exiled me to the back of your fragrance collection.
Weeks passed you forgot about me, but I had to speak up now while you were out and warn all the other copies of me out there to not be taken hostage by unappreciative humans.
They won't love you, brothers.
They will abandon you just because we're nothing special.
Do not end up at the back of the shelf like I have.
And any humans reading this, you should be ashamed -- now you know what we are, so no reason for you to abandon us.
Either kindly pass us by or use us in some other fragrance-appropriate way, but to be bought and then ignored is the worst of all deaths -- slow and unmerciful in the constant overlooking.
After more than a couple of years after beibg launched, it remains in my top 3 blue perfumes of reference.

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