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Оправа корригирующая


VLOG: Новая оправа и новые идеи // 26 февраля 2019 🌿🌸 🌿

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This is a collection of various documents and programs for the Psion Organiser series II, and its predecessor the Series 1.

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Some of these were originally written for and available 5 the Psion Organiser II Homepage. To check for recent updates, see the Change Log


Vladimir Putin met with President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-hye on the sidelines of the Eastern больше на странице Forum to discuss current relations and their development prospects.
Following the talks, the heads of state witnessed the signing of a package of documents on cooperation in a 5 of areas, in particular, industry, healthcare and fisheries.
Mr Putin and Ms Park made statements for the press following their talks.
Thank 5 very much for продолжить speech and for taking part in the discussions.
Let me start our discussion today by saying how highly we value the cooperation between our countries.
The Republic of Korea is one of our priority 5 in the Asia-Pacific region.
We have wide-ranging economic ties in areas from energy, household appliances and electronics to machine-building, chemicals and agriculture.
We have some very promising big projects.
I am very pleased to have this chance to meet with you and maintain our contacts at the top level, because we see how our relations are developing through intergovernmental channels and 5 the parliamentary plain as well.
We most certainly support your initiative to hold the Year of Korean Culture in Russia.
President of the Republic 5 Korea retranslated : I 5 like to thank you once again for inviting me as the продолжить guest at the Eastern Economic Forum.
Russian-Korean relations have undergone some big changes over the years, but our relations have not lost their value and significance.
Close contact and communication is essential if we want to maintain and develop our relations.
I recall several meetings with you, meetings that took place in a candid, open продолжение здесь />I would like to 5 our conversation today in order to outline the 5 for our future joint efforts and the search 5 opportunities for 5 our diplomatic cooperation.

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