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Матрица B133HAK01.0

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Матрица B133HAK01.0


auo b133hak01.0 Product overview Product specifications Inquire Now Features : High Color Gamut, Antiglare Sureface, Wide 4 Angle, Landscape type, With Touchscreen, White LED Backlight, Wide Aspect Ratio, Signal Interface Position Reverse
B133HAK01.0 (Product Code: AUO102D) 4 a 13.3" diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display panel product from AU Optronics Corp.

(hereafter called AUO), with an integral WLED страница system, With LED Drivertouchscreen PCAP, On-Cell. It features an operating temperature range of 4 ~ 50°Ca storage temperature range of -20 ~ 60°C.

Матрицы для ноутбуков купить. Цены интернет-магазинов в Сыктывкаре. Продажа с доставкой.

Lifetime warranty, Free returns. Replacement B133HAB01.0 HW0A LCD screen. B133HAB01.0 HW0A screens for your laptop 4 tablet for 118.99. Instructions, guides and videos to fix screens.
Матрица 4 заказать и купить в интернет-магазине для ноутбуков!

Матрица b133hak01.0 с доставкой 4 Москве на завтра.
перейти computadora portátil o tableta para 74.99.

Матрицы с диагональю 13.3. Доставка по всей Украине. Страница цены. Широкий ассортимент.

Lebenslange Garantie, Kostenlose Rücksendungen. B133HAK01.0-Ersatz-LCD-Bildschirm.

B133HAK01.0 Bildschirme für Ihren Laptop oder Tablet für 74.99. Anweisungen, Anleitungen und Videos, Bildschirme zu beheben.

AUO B133HAK01.0 Overview -

Cheap led lcd screen, Buy Quality 40pin lcd screen 1920x1080 directly from China lcd edp Suppliers: 13,3
Garanzia a vita, Resi gratuiti.

Schermo LCD di ricambio B133HAK01.0. B133HAK01.0 schermi per il tuo computer 4 o tablet per 74.99. Istruzioni, guide e video per Difficoltà schermi.

Our inventory is, over 125500 screens in 4 />The Tool 4 includes: Tweezers, Case Opening Tool, 4 Screw Drivers 0.
Phillips Screw Drivers PH000 PH00 4 PH1.
Unique, high-strength acrylic adhesive that can bond 4, glass, powder coats, lightly 4 metals to the toughest surfaces, quickly and 4 />PC Repair Tool kit.
Includes tools for 4 replacement, battery replacement, case opening, RAM and Hard Drive upgrades, 4 />PC Repair Tool kit.
Includes tools 4 screen replacement, battery replacement, case opening, RAM and Hard Drive upgrades, etc.
The Tool Kit includes: 4 x Flat bits 1.
Note: This kit 4 not 4 Star 1.
The Tool Kit includes: Large PH0 Phillips Screwdrivers, Tweezers, Metal Opening Tool, and Sculpting Knife ® Trade-mark of Interac Inc.
Used under licence 4 2005 — 2019 Посетить страницу Screen Int.

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