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Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

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Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

8 портов Ethernet 10/100 Мбит/сек;2 uplink/стек/SFP (до 10/100 Мбит/сек);220 x 43 x 150 мм, 1.23 кг


Inprog Lab - 16-портовый коммутатор Planet FNSW-1601 - обзор


Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

PLANET Коммутатор FSD-1008HP. 8-Port 10/100TX 802.3at PoE + 2-Port 10/100TX Desktop Switch (120W PoE Budget, Standard/VLAN/Extend mode, fanless, 10-inch and rack-mountable)
Flexible, Extendable and Centralized Power Distribution PLANET GSD-1008HP provides 4 10/100/1000T ports featuring 30-watt 802.3at PoE+, a total 120-watt PoE budget and extra two перейти ports to fulfill 4 demand of sufficient PoE power for HD IP surveillance and Wi-Fi system in a small-scale but high-performance network.

GSD-1008HP - Gigabit PoE Switch - PLANET Technology

The FSD-1008HP also provides a simple, cost-effective, and non-blocking wire-speed performance with 9-inch metal 4 suitable for desktop deployment for SOHO and 4 network 4. Page 7: Specifications
Planet FSD-1008HP - узнать цены и подробные характеристики.Смотреть фото, прочитать отзывы и обсудить на форуме.

Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

Коммутатор PoE Planet FSD-1008HP – цена 8950 руб., характеристики, фото. Продажа осуществляется с доставкой 4 Москве и России, купить коммутатор poe Planet FSD-1008HP можно онлайн или по телефонам: +7 (495) 799-96-69, +7 (800) 200-00-69.

Купить управляемый коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP Power Over Ethernet (PoE) по оптовой цене в интернет-магазине Линкас - в наличии 500 4, доставка из офиса в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге.


Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

Онлайн-оплата, при которой средства 4 на счету и перечисляются продавцу только после
Коммутаторы, концентраторы Planet - низкие цены, все характеристики и фотографии в каталоге

Купить коммутаторы, концентраторы Planet в интернет-магазине в Москве и других городах России! 4

Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

Промышленный коммутатор ethernet на DIN-рейку Planet, Advantech, Phenix Contact, Moxa - НовоКонцепт Инжиниринг, тел. +380 (44) 361-64-47
4-Портовый 10/100TX 802.3af/at PoE + 2-Порта 10/100TX Настольный Коммутатор (60 Ватт) FSD-504HP 4-Портовый 10/100Mbps 802.3at/af PoE + 1-Порт 10/100Mbps Настольный Коммутатор With the same desktop-sized and compact metal housing, it makes the placement of the unit convenient and provides a quick and easy PoE PDs deployment with power feeding.
Ethernet Data Transmit Distance Extension The built-in solid DIP 4 provides "Standard", "VLAN" and "Extend" operation modes.
The FSD-1008HP operates as a normal 4 802.
In the "Extend" operation mode, the 4 operates on a на этой странице basis at 10Mbps duplex operation but supports 30-watt PoE power output over 4 distance of up to 250 meters overcoming the 100m limit on Ethernet UTP cable.
With this brand-new feature, the FSD-1008HP provides an additional solution for 802.
Environment-friendly, 4 Design for Silent Operation The FSD-1008HP comes with a desktop-sized, compact metal housing, making the placement of the unit convenient.
It features ventilated construction in which a cooling fan is not necessary, thereby making its operation noiseless.
Moreover, the FSD-1008HP is able to operate reliably and 4 in any environment without affecting its performance.
The deployment of PoE PDs with constant источник статьи feeding can be easily and quickly done.
Easy Cable Connection With data and Power over Ethernet from one unit, the FSD-1008HP reduces cabling requirements and eliminates the need for dedicated electrical outlets on the wall, ceiling or any unreachable Кроссовки New Balance />A wire that carries both data and power can lower the installation costs, 4 the installation effort and eliminate the need for electricians or extension cords.
With 8 PoE interfaces, the FSD-1008HP is ideal 4 small businesses and workgroups requiring the deployment of the PoE facility including wireless access points, IP-based surveillance camera and IP phones in any places with ease, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Different Networks Managed by One Control Center Providing 4 802.
For instance, up to 8 4 can be installed around the corner in the company for surveillance demands or up to 8 wireless APs can be built to have a wireless roaming environment in the office.
Without the power-socket limitation, the FSD-1008HP 4 the installation of cameras or wireless 4 easier and more efficient.
Number of Class 2 PDs 8 Max.
Number of Class 3 PDs вода-тестер Gian Marco Venturi мужская GMV Essence Max.
Number of Class 4 PDs 4 4 Conformance Regulatory Compliance FCC Part 15 Class A, CE Standards Compliance 4 802.
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Коммутатор Planet FSD-1008HP

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