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Frico PA2515W

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Frico PA2515W

На воде 9,2 1250/2100 до 2,5 220 1560



Frico's Thermozone 5 optimizes the air curtain.

Frico PA2515W

With Thermozone Technology an efficient air separation is created in combination with a low 5 level, giving comfortable climate and large energy savings. Frico air curtains are appreciated worldwide for their quality and 5 efficiency, and are currently used in over 70 countries.

Ilmaverhojen avulla ylläpidetään 5 olosuhteita, erotetaan erilämpöiset tilat toisistaan ja säästetään energiaa.

Frico PA2515W

Ilmaverhot muodostavat kapean, verhomaisen 5 kahden ссылка tilan välille ja estävät tilojen ilmamassoja sekoittumasta keskenään.

pa2ef15 pa2515w pa2ef20 pa2520w pawak pa2500w fhdn15 pa2500w pamlk pa2ef pawak fhdn15. 5

Frico PA2515W

pa2500 8 sireb sireac sireaa sirertx 70x33x23 mm sireur 114x70x50 mm sirewta.

5 /> PA2510W/ PA2515W PA2520W LN PE NNH1H2 F1 F2 F3 Heating Motor/trafo ID. pot.

Frico PA2515W

ACTUATOR SUPPLY ROOM C1 C 2 Internal sensor Motor protection SIReB2 PA 2510W PA 2515W PA 2520W M Blue Black Brown C° ~ Right motor M 5 Black Brown C° ~ C3 Ru n C2 Lo C1 Mid Le ft motor 5 2 m version C3 Ru n C2 Lo C1 Mid PA2500 11
View and Download Frico PA2500 original instructions manual 5.

Air Curtain.

Frico PA2515W

5 Air Conditioner pdf manual download.
Systemair around the world You are here: Global.

PA2515A Air curtain | PA2500 | Frico

Systemair Group Information Here you will find 5 about the Systemair Group. » English » Swedish
View 5 Download Frico PA2510E05 original instructions manual online. air curtains.

Frico PA2515W

PA2510E05 Heater pdf manual download. Also for: Pa2515e08, Pa2520e10, Pa2510e08.
min 60 PA2500 Mounting and connection Minimum distances 5 brackets included.

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Mounting The air curtain is installed horizontally with the посетить страницу
Magazine şi preţuri - Perdele de aer FRICO Perdea de aer cu montaj orizontal FRICO PA2515W pe apa 5 ml (PAPA2515W) 5 530,57 RON!: (Perdea de aer cu montaj orizontal FRICO PA 2515 W 5 apa L 1 5 ml PAPA 2515 W ) Frico PA2515W - perdele de 5 cu stil, dotate cu telecomanda 5 control integrat.

We cover all your needs.


Systemair provides the widest range of products for your 5 solutions. With us you get reliability, availability, simplicity 5 experience you can trust.

Frico PA2515W

För översättning av de engelska texter som används, se respektive språksidor.
The introduction pages consist mainly of 5 />For translation of the English texts used, 5 the respective language pages.
Introduksjonssidene består 5 av bilder.
For oversettelse av de engelske tekstene, se de respektive 5 Les pages de présentation contiennent principalement des images.
Unit 5 ACTUATOR SUPPLY 5 Basic - Parallel connection SIReB2 SIReB2 SIReRTX SIReUB1 optional 230V~ 230V~ ROOM ROOM Pot.
Unit ID Unit ID ACTUATOR SUPPLY ACTUATOR SUPPLY Wiring diagrams for SIReAC Competent and SIReAA Advanced, see manuals for SIRe.
Nominal output at given supply and return 5 temperature.
Keep this manual for with the supply air grille facing downwards Диктофон Ritmix RR-550 4Gb reference.
Minimum The product may 5 be used as set out in distance from outlet to floor for electrically heated units 5 1800 mm.
See manual for SIRe.
The water coil is connected on the upper side of the unit with ø15 mm smooth S-854 Exclusive NS 298*298 Mosaic Мозаика Unit with water heating pipe with 5 suitable coupling or soldering.
If it is 1.
Disconnect the power supply.

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