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Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

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Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3


Наши менеджеры обязательно свяжутся с вами и уточнят условия заказа. 5

Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

Быстрый просмотр
краски Секреты отделки квартиры: покраска ванной и кухни. Если обычные обои вам уже здорово подна,
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Фрески Affresco

5 /> Никогда еще Фрески 5 выглядели сочно, живо и прекрасно! На данный момент наши специалисты.

Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

Москва, Пресненская набережная, 10 Тула, ул. Демонстрации, 141 Калуга, ул. Гагарина, 1
Функция «Быстрый заказ» позволяет покупателю не проходить 5 процедуру оформления заказа самос
Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

Предлагаем заказать фреску Фрески Affresco, этот товар мы можем 5 по Москве, 5 так же и в другие города 5 регионы России, по предварительной договоренности.
Art of imitation, Part 1. Art of imitation, Part 2.

Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

– Trend – Twins – Фактурный флизелин. Фрески Affresco.

Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

Компания Affresco, 5 и адрес оригинальных фресок и фотообоев на стены. Каталог авторских обоев и панно, доставка по Москве и России.
Art of imitation, Part 1.

Фрески Affresco Trend Art ZK429-COL3

Art of imitation, Part 2. – Trend – Twins – Фактурный флизелин. Фрески Affresco. WALL MASTERPIECES FROM AFFRESCO: Читать полностью, PHOTO WALLPAPER, WALLPAPER, PANELS The company «Affresco» - is the manufacturer of wall murals, wallpaper, photo wallpaper and panels on the unique author's technology with the use of manual labor.
All products have patents and quality 5 />Production and sale of photo wallpaper, murals, panels Frescoes - originally painted on damp plaster.
They are decorated with the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the Palace of Knossos in Greece and other architectural monuments.
Affresco has created 5 patented a unique technology of digital fresco that reproduces all the features of this hand-painted painting.
Such decor кабельный DKC 200 3000 100 Лоток лестничный мм ULM312 х х the interior a status and unique.
With its help you по этому адресу add a note of history or emphasize the modernity of the situation.
Frescoes and wallpaper: handmade It is the largest library of author's images from professional artists and designers in our catalog of frescoes and photo wallpaper.
Seamless Wallpaper and panel: "Affresco" is 5 manufacturer of hand-made wallpaper by its own patented technology.
If you do not like the joints between the canvases, we will create a solid 5 of the right size.
The maximum size of a single canvas is 3,26х10,2 m.
According to your order we will develop an individual sketch, we will select an image in the style of your interior, embody it in environmentally friendly materials and mount the most complex surface.
At the request of the client, we change the color range, sizes and proportions of the picture to the finished interior.
If necessary, the artist will delete unnecessary objects or draw them.
It is possible to replace the background, as well as color correction of individual ссылка на страницу />The finished variant will be completely individual, and will correspond to all your wishes.
Pictures: individual creation Our paintings are images on canvas with decorative plaster applied to the canvas.
They are 90% manually created.
You can order a miniature 5 well as a large or modular picture from any number of elements.
Such posters look great in the interiors of different styles in combination with frescoes and wallpaper.
Online catalog of frescoes and wallpapers Look in the "Products 5 section - it's easy to find an image that will make your interior 5 />For convenience, the scenes are sorted by collections and styles.
It is created and patented by us, there are no analogues in the world.
All specialists have a specialized art education and extensive experience in the field of design.
The products of "Affresco" are mostly made by hand, so frescoes and wallpaper with similar motives do not get the same.
Thanks to the protective coating developed by us, the canvases can be mounted in rooms with high humidity and even on the facades of buildings.
On all canvases frescoes, photo wallpaper, panels, paintings from Affresco there is a branded marking - a sign of quality, which the artist sets after checking the products.
Each product has an individual number and 5 packaging.
Each tube is loaded with instructions for self-assembly.
On all products of our catalog official certificates of quality are received.
To become a member of the club, fill out the questionnaire at the nearest company salon.
Advantageous offer for dealers Affresco has an extensive dealer нажмите чтобы узнать больше />Representatives of 5 company are located in all 5 the world.
Therefore, customers can see and order our frescoes and 5, without leaving the city.
If you are interested in cooperation with 5, fill out the application form for cooperation, and we will contact you.
All the features in the online store: choice, purchase, delivery, installation The web site provides filters and an image editor that make it easier to find and select the best version of wallpaper, frescoes, paintings or panels.
Buy a product, order its delivery 5 can do it quickly and without leaving home.
Manager will ask you about all the details and will place the order on your name!
Your name Phone 5 Note I am familiar with the.

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