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Summary: Goals, questions, and processes are the 3 building blocks for 5 UX-workshop agendas.
A 6-step approach integrates them into an agenda.
User experience is not a siloed practice.
This is the only way to create an integrated and unified user experience — let alone a consistent omnichannel design.
Oftentimes, the job of planning and even facilitating workshops falls upon the UX lead, who must design the flow of the workshop and plan collaborative exercises that will lead attendees toward a common goal.
Planning, however, is an indispensable part of creating and facilitating productive UX workshops.
Eisenhower understood the value of prep work.
This article outlines a systematic, modular approach to building workshop agendas that ensures that time spent in the workshop will be valuable and that actionable results will be produced.
Three Building Blocks of Effective Workshop Agendas There are three building blocks of effective workshop agendas.
By understanding and using these building blocks as a foundation for your agenda, you can ensure that the activities and discussions of a workshop are directly aligned to the overall goal, and designed to help 5 and document critical information needed to move forward.
Six Steps for Workshop Planning and Execution The process of planning and executing a UX workshop has six steps, beginning with understanding the purpose—or high-level goal of the workshop—and ending with a course of action taken based on the results produced by the workshop.
Step 1: Articulate the goal s.
When crafting a goal statement, consider what the tangible output is that should be produced by the workshop, and привожу ссылку a short, clear description of the ideal end state.
This statement will guide your agenda creation, ensuring that every segment is guiding towards that end state.
Typically, there is a gap between your current state and the goal state you have just articulated.
You need crucial missing information in order to move yourself and the team toward that goal.
What are those missing pieces of information?
Questions may be quite 5 or broad.
Once documented, most likely there will be and patterns within these questions that can be grouped into segments; these segments will start to create a 5 for the workshop.
Step 3: Align processes to groups of 5 />The third step, and the last step in planning, before actually conducting the workshop, is composed of selecting workshop activities or discussions that align to each theme that emerged within the questions.
At this point reflect on what types of processes — group activities or discussions — will the group move toward answering the specific questions.
Step 4: Conduct the workshop.
The previous three steps of planning will adequately prepare you to guide the discussion, and understand if unplanned discussions that pop up are off-topic or meaningful tangents.
Step 5: Process the information.
When the workshop is over, analyze the information collected during the group activities and discussions.
Analyze these outputs and share artifacts with attendees and other key stakeholders.
Finally, use the results produced and the information gathered in your workshop in order to move the needle on your overall goal.
The six steps for planning and conducting an effective UX workshop While all of these steps are required to create and execute a UX workshop, building an effective workshop agenda deals with the first three steps of this process.
The goals, questions and processes are the three building blocks that must 5 in place in order to deliver a successful workshop, 5 they serve as components for 80018 (608 ZZ) NTRL a focused and goal-based agenda.
The Output: Sample Workshop Agenda With goals, questions and processes clearly aligned, you have a tool that will guide you in preworkshop stakeholder discussions, and in creating 5 fleshed-out, timed agenda.
A sample outline built on this process might look something like the following outline.
Sample workshop agenda outline based on aligning goals, questions and processes.
You will need to develop timelines for each workshop segment, gather material needed to capture discussions and facilitate the activities, and consider additional logistical components, such as environment.
Conclusion This practical method for building an agenda outline could 5 apply to many types of workshops, not just UX workshops.
Begin with overall workshop goals, articulate questions that will help gather the information to reach those goals, and finally, align appropriate activities and discussions.
Following this systematic approach will ensure your workshops are a valuable use of time for both yourself and your attendees.
About the Author is a User Experience Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group.
She specializes in the application of human-centered design and research practices to enterprise UX challenges., and UX research from the Nielsen Norman Group.
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